Do you think you have a good website?

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Do you think you have a good website?

Users these days have a very short attention span. As a user lands on your website, they will quickly skim through the landing page within few seconds and then decide either to stay or leave. So you have a very tiny window of about few seconds to make a good first impression. What makes a user stay on your website and explore? Let’s not discuss tire kickers but only talk about relevant traffic – users who are genuinely interested in your product or service. What makes them stay? You may think eye catching images or videos or some type of deals, right? Although these items may attract some but for the majority but it is the call-to-action on your site that keeps them interested. Let’s define right call-to-action.

What defines a call-to-action?

Well, in broad terms it is your website’s ability to direct users to the end goal or objective of the site. It could be selling something or collecting leads or prompting them to give you a call. Whatever the objective, the site must have a structured layout with correct call-to-action that makes a user’s browsing experience smooth and easy. Let’s start with an example.

Let’s say you sell both men and women shoes and a potential customer lands on your website. You obviously don’t know if they are male or female but your website has shoes for both. You have a page that simply lists all the shoes together without any distinction if they are for men or women. That detail is only available in the product description page. What do you think that potential customer will do at that stage? You guessed it right – they will most likely leave your website as they don’t have time to read each and every description. But if you have a clear call-to-action on the top with two links that said Men Shoes | Women Shoes, how would they have reacted then? Again, you guessed it right – they would have clicked on the appropriate link to see only the type that interests them. You just eliminated an extra layer of browsing for them.

This is an example of right call-to-action. Every page of the website including homepage needs to direct users to the right page. They are your road signs. If you want them to go right and they go left, they are going to get lost. Each sign is important. A sign on homepage doesn’t necessarily have to be on every page. For e.g. if your customer is already on the checkout page, you don’t want to be flashing other deals or links to other pages. Use a trial and error approach to eliminate bad signals on your site. 

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