Why Every Small Business Needs A Blog

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Publishing content is a very powerful medium to attract visitors to your website. It is the most effective way to communicate your ideas and beliefs to your audience. Many businesses ignore this side of running a successful website and that’s a mistake Let’s have a look at some reasons why you need to maintain a blog on your website.

It helps with SEO

Writing regular content on your website sends a signal to search engines that tells them please come index my site again. It shows you are constantly updating and adding content on your website which keeps you in good stead with search engines. Content is still the king and search engines love it.

By writing regularly, you are also telling search engines that you are active and want to provide useful information to your users. We all know how important search rankings are for every business.

It provides a channel for user feedback

As you write about your business or industry, you are inviting users to consume the content and provide feedback. It creates a two way channel for you to directly communicate with your audience. User comments also help you to identify what users really need. This entire process will guide you to improve your business and be on top of everything.

Brand promotion

As you write, people reading and connecting with your thought process are likely to share it with their friends and family on social media and other channels. As more and more people read your content, you get a brand visibility that is one hundred percent free of cost. This type of brand promotion is invaluable. The more you write, the more seriously people take you as you are putting in effort to constantly engage your users.

Establish your authority in the market

Anything you write belongs to you and you only. You own the content and any information/tips you provide to your users will be seen as your exclusive knowledge and expertise on your industry. As you connect with your audiences and build a fan base, your ideas will spread which will help you become a market expert on your business.

A learning exercise

As you write on regular basis, you will want to know what’s new in the market. You want to cater to the needs of your audience. During this process, you will invariably find something new that you haven’t come across yet. It gives you an opportunity to learn and subsequently write about it to stay relevant for your audience.

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Vikas has over 10 years of experience in creating online marketing strategies for many top notch international and local clients. He has vast experience of working with start-ups and local businesses that require direct leads, branding and a solid foothold in the online marketplace. Reach him out for a cup of coffee and we promise you will have a fun and productive time.

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