Privacy Policy

V18 Media is committed to protecting your personal information that you share with us on this website ( You are not required to share your personal information unless you are requesting a private quote for your Web Development or Digital Marketing needs. By submitting a request for a customized solution for your website, you are consenting to the information collection by V18 Media and all private information you share such as your Name, Email and Phone number; remains confidential.

What Information Is Collected:

  • Personal information such as your name, phone number, email and website address. This information is required to identify you as an individual.
  • We may track your cookies for advertising purposes. This information does not include any of your private or personal information but contains your browsing behavior on our website. Most web browsers automatically collect your cookie data. You may opt out of it by changing the settings under your browser.

Where is personal information collected:

  • On our contact form and Free SEO analysis page.
  • On our newsletter/email update subscription link.

How else is personal information collect:

  • If you decide to call or email us directly.
  • If we call or email you directly with the contact information obtained from other referral sources.

How is your personal information used:

  • We use it to contact you and for creating a customized marketing plan for your business.
  • Newsletter/Email subscription shall be used to send you updates on our blog entries, marketing material and other promotional offers.

Sharing your information:

  • No personal information such as your name, email and phone number will be shared on a public platform by V18 Media; neither on V18 Media’s website(s), nor on any third party source unless we have specific directions from you.
  • If we work together on a project, we may opt to feature your website under our case studies and clients sections.
  • We may also feature a testimonial you provide to us for the work delivered by V18 Media.


Blog Entries on V18 Media

  • Every blog entry is meant for informational purposes only and if you decide to apply that information in your business or for any other activity; we take no responsibility for any action it shall produce.  

Links to other sites

  • We may feature links to other websites within our content. We take no responsibility of other websites’ privacy policy and we encourage users to review their policies before consenting to provide any personal information.

Changes to our privacy policy

  • We shall make every effort to update privacy policy of our website every time we introduce a new feature or change the way we conduct our business.