Sam Najjar Cares – An Award Winning Real Estate Agent

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One Of Award Winning Real Estate & Marketing Professional in Toronto Area.



Sam was looking to generate high quality leads from the online channel. His target audience was "local GTA home buyers" but as a new avenue for business, he also wanted to attract foreign investors. 


We focused on paid local search as it allowed us to precisely reach a target audience within GTA and hand-selected foreign destinations. We created enticing ads and split our campaigns in multiple ways to separate buyers from sellers. We also did intensive research on foreign buyers looking to enter Canada which helped us choose right keyword queries. It was important not to waste our dollars on tire-kickers as allocated budget was small.


With no prior history of running paid ads, we were driving leads from our campaigns as soon as the first batch was launched. The results surpassed our expectations. Our conversion rate was close to 9% and our cost-per-lead was in single digit. Local market has an extremely crowded advertising space so having a low cost-per-lead was extremely satisfying to us and the client.

From The Client

“It was great to work with Vikas on a SEM campaign aimed at attracting real estate investors from overseas.  Vikas demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the digital marketing field and was always willing to go above and beyond to make sure the campaign was successful and I am happy.  I would, without hesitate, recommend Vikas to any company or individual looking to execute a similar campaign.  He is a valuable addition to any project team.