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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must for any website to beat its competition. Strong search engine presence is always going to give you a higher ROI on your marketing budgets.

Our search engine optimization core services include: Organic Search, On-Page SEO, Link Building, Keyword Research / Strategy and Activity Report.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a "science" of increasing traffic to a website by helping it rank higher in organic search engine results (SERP) pages. SEO not only helps you drive relevant traffic but it also boosts your direct traffic. To rank higher on search results requires a lot of things to come together from website architecture to URLs patterns to content writing to business endorsements. If you are able to get all this right, you will begin to see growth in traffic from search engines and achieve higher rankings. It will eventually have a positive impact on your business bottom line.

Canada based V18 Media provides effective SEO services includes On page optimization and Off Page Optimization, SEO marketing and we serve in various Areas of Ontario like Toronto, Etobicoke, Vaughan, Bramptom, Markham, Richmond, Milton, Hilton, Oakville, Guelph, Burlington, Mississauga 


Organic Search

Achieve higher rankings on search engines and drive more qualified traffic for free.

On-Page SEO

On page optimization is the basis of a successful SEO strategy which helps generate qualified traffic.

Off Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization is used to generate links and endorsements back to your website to support on page optimization.

SEO today is the lifeline of any online marketing campaign. SEO marketing has become important for the success of any business today, especially for local businesses. Good SEO is all about creating a highly relevant website for your users. A website that offers a rewarding experience to everyone interested in your products & services.

On-Page optimization

On-Page optimization refers to how well the content of your website is presented to search engines. On Page Optimization means to ensure whether a particular webpage is built in a manner so that it gets found by the search engines for given keywords and key phrases. It not only helps in getting good search engine ranking but also increases overall readability of the site. There are almost 200 factors which Google deducts to rank a page, out of those 200 factors on-page optimization has 60% importance. Thus for a good on-page optimization rely on us and see how expertly we help your website to make it Search engine friendly.

We’ll discuss a full keywords report report  before initiating a project and build up the on page optimization strategy according to your customer base.

So don't wait, just discuss your project with us.

Off Page optimization

Off-Page optimization refers to your website’s popularity on the web determined by what other websites say about your site. Off page optimization is a process by which you garner endorsements for your website. In other words off page optimization is all about building your Online reputation and doing marketing of your website. V18 Media helps in acquiring relevant back links to your page from the relevats sites and these back links support your on page optimization efforts. Contact us today with your project and we will provide you with a strategy for a highly effective marketing campaign keeping a long-term vision in mind.

We offer our valued off page optimization services at highly affordable cost with high quality work. Just make up your mind and contact us, Leave the rest up to us as we are experts and performing  SEO since year 2002.

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